Pilot ss pp Watch REGENT No 826

Pilot ss pp Watch REGENT No 826
Pilot ss pp Watch REGENT  No 826
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Pilot ss pp Watch REGENT  No 826
Pilot ss pp Watch REGENT  No 826

Pilot ss pp Watch REGENT No 826 Military Pilot Savonette pp Watch, Made in Germany by REGENT , with black dial , luminous numbers & hands, solid ss case satin brushed, 50 x 13 mm, Quartz Movement SEIKO VX 42 with Date, a great Pilots pp watch for a real great price made in Germany No P63.31703STP1

Review and feedback by our customer Gregor Meyer from the USA from the 15th March 2018

Pilot ss pp Watch REGENT # 826:

I’ve looked long and hard over the years for a quality pocket watch that was easy to read and had a classic look, without being too ornate for my style. I’ve tried four or five watches, from cheap to mid-range prices, that have all been sent back because they either broke within weeks or wouldn’t keep accurate time. I scoured the internet just looking for a watch face that jumped out to me. If I couldn’t instantly read the time in the pictures, I just moved on. What I needed was large hour and minute hands that, when the cover was open, I could just glance at and know the time. Almost all the watches I saw had fairly delicate watch faces that I would have to really look closely in order for me to see the time. The ones that were closer to my needs were all open face pocket watches. This wouldn’t work for my working type lifestyle. I could imagine the face of these watches all scratched up in a matter of months.


Then I saw the Pilot Regent # 826. Perfect! Easy to read at a glance, simple but functional and durable case, and backed by German watchmaker. Even though Jürgens was in another country, everything I could find about the organization spelled quality. 


I have the watch now, use it every day, and I’m thrilled with it. Easy to use, easy to read, and it keeps perfect time. I’m thinking of getting the cover engraved so I will be able to give this watch to my son or grandson. 


Before getting the watch, I had a lot of questions that Jurgen answered himself. He was kind, considerate, and willing to provide customer service in a manner that exemplified the quality his organization stands for. Bottom line, I have a quality watch that meets my every need and is backed by an organization that has the same quality and depth of expertise. Best of all, I’m happy with my new watch! Not an easy thing to do... Gregor Meyer

Review and feedback from our customer Gregor Meyer from the USA from the 15.03.2018


PP Watch ss Chain # 825:

Almost all the pocket watch chains I saw in the United States were too long, had larger open type links or were outrageously expensive. The long, bright (almost chrome) colored open links, when hanging from my pocket to my belt loop, would make me look like I had a motorcycle wallet in my pocket. Or, even worse, some hood punk ‘wanna be’ with a big chain hanging from my belt. (I may be over stating this a little here). Anyhow, I wanted to find an understated chain that didn’t distract from what I was wearing. 


When I found the Pilot Regent watch # 826 at Jürgens, this became even more important. I wanted the perfect chain for my new watch. As you would expect, Jürgens had just the thing I was looking for. While the chain was long enough to easily see and use the watch, it was short enough to not be distracting from what I was wearing. Both for work, office, or relaxation. The smaller links exudes quality and complemented the quality of the watch on the other end. It’s a great match for my Pilot Regent # 826 and at a reasonable price... Gregor Meyer 



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