Thank you very much for your interest in our products and service.

Given the 
variety of dial styles, we require a good photo or scan of the watch and dial in order to prepare 
your individual, detailed quote reflecting the current condition of the dial and amount of work estimated 
to restore it. Please only send pictures in .gif or .jpg format, respectively a link to your photo hosting location. As a ballpark number, prices to re-dial the most common dials range from 
$200-$300 (depending on difficulties and the printing templates). In addition, registered airmail shipping to return the dial alone from Germany to the US is about $12.50. Please note: In case you are looking at shipping your 
complete watch, please consider the additional 
shipping cost over just shipping a dial as well as the recommended extra expense for insurance as we 
cannot be made responsible for potential loss or damage during shipping! The only reasons to send us a complete watch is in case we have to custom build a dial and therefore 
have to ensure a proper fit with case and movement or if you absolutely have no way to de-case the 
movement and remove the dial for separate shipping yourself. In such a case, please inform us beforehand so we can consider additional shipping cost / watchmakers 
labor and cost in your individual estimate. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises and disputes over cost, we will only performauthorized 
or requested work so please inform us in detail what work you would like to have performed. For additional information, please refer to the FAQ found below: 1. Normal turnaround time for a re-dial is between 6 weeks minimum for the labor itself plus about 
another 3-8 workdays in transit with airmail shipping to return the dial to you. In some cases, we need to prepare special templates or fixtures and will need more time to complete the job! Please note: Fedex /UPS shipping options are available at additional cost however 
might not be faster than our regular shipping method. 2. We pride ourselves with the fact that we can work on almost every dial if anyhow possible, but please note that it would help us a great deal if you would only send us the dial itself (have your local watchmaker carefully remove the dial from the case and movement). We can clean and polish markers and numerals or can perform plating in gold, silver or other metals as we see fit. If required, we can also fix dials, attach pins etc. 
In case you want to save/keep the original dial, we can also custom build a new dial; 
in this event we do need your complete watch to ensure a proper fit with case and movement. Work on the hands is not included in the price of re-dial and will have to be authorized separately. We can clean hands and re-lume using Luminova, however we do no longer offer plating of the hands 
as it turned out to be too costly. 
Please note that any potential corrosion present on the hands prior to the cleaning and re-luming process might still be present and visible afterwards! Disclaimer: Any work on the hands bears the risk of damage to them, no matter how professional the process and what precautions are taken to avoid potential damage, so we will only perform work on the hands if you agree to hold us harmless in case of any damage occurring to them while or through our actions. 
 3. Our prices are based on the amount of work required. 
Please note: We can try to replace or fix lost markers or numerals and will charge for this based on effort . 
Important Notice: The re-dial we offer cannot use original templates and materials and therefore variations on original color, size, position, measurement of a script etc. on the dial cannot be avoided and have to be accepted as a result and "close to original" effect based on available templates and tools. If you require a "100% original" dial, please consider New Old Stock (NOS) parts. In case we don't have existing templates and tool for your specific dial, we will quote you a customized 
dial and will strive to match the original design as close as possible. 
Please note that you will only be charged a pro-rated amount and not be charged the actual/full amount for customization/tooling as this would otherwise make the process prohibitively expensive for individual 
Please also note: While we will try to match a particular dial as closely as possible when we create new templates and tools, it is virtually impossible for us to achieve a 100% match. Please keep in mind that the process is based on manual labor and therefore slight variations are normal. There are literally hundreds of thousands of dials and even a large manufacturer in the past might have used 
different suppliers, scripts and fonts for the same dial or watch. 
No dial restorer, not even us will have access to all the different tools and templates. In spite of the over 45,000 different templates and printing tools we have in stock, it seems that every 
so often they don't seem to be enough! When we do customize for you, please let us know which details are most important to you and what we should focus on / pay extra attention to (please don't use general terms such as "like the original"). Again, due to the manual process, variations and differences to the original cannot be totally avoided. Please only use only scans or photographs of the exact watch in question when inquiring about an estimate as this will be used to estimate the required labor and associated cost; scans of a "similar" watch could easily result in misunderstandings! In case you are planning to switch one dial from another watch to yours, please consider potential differences in dimension! In these cases we recommend to send us the watch case as well so we can assure the right fit. We recommend that first time customers familiarize themselves with the possibilities and normal risks associated with a re-dial to avoid potential disappointments or misunderstandings. 
Please feel free to ask for references or testimonials! 
 4. Payment : Please refer to our payment terms 5. Prices provided are for information only; we will estimate actual cost once we have evaluated the 
actual dial in our shop and provide you with a detailed quote / request authorization to perform work. Please understand that even if you provide us with a very good photo, all estimates prior to us 
evaluating the actual dial in question are non binding and considered a "ballpark" figure for information only. 
In case you want the dial/watch returned without any work performed, we will only charge you for the return shipping as per your instructions. In either case, please understand that we can only ship to you after we have received your payment! 6. Discounts are available either if you send us more than one dial at the same time or if you have a watch business. Please inquire about available discounts! 7. Shipping: We cannot be made responsible for damage or loss in shipping and therefore highly recommend the extra expense of shipping insurance when sending / returning your dial or watch! 
Please understand that this is our regular and preferred form of shipping. We will charge for shipping as per actual cost, listed in the official price list of the German Postal Service. Note that for all international shipments to us, customs declarations have to be correctly filled out to avoid 
customs duties / agent fees for which we cannot be made responsible. 
Important: Please mark all shipments to us with "Dial / watch for repair"! 
 8. We can also perform work on watch cases, such as polishing, brushing etc. of metal cases, case backs and all other metal parts of a watch. Please refer to our information pictures for some examples of watch cases and watches we have restored (some of which were in really bad shape prior to our restoration). 9. We can provide a "full service" restoration which might be comprised of cleaning, movement service and overhaul (cleaning and lubrication), redial, case refinishing or replating and others! Please inquire about the possibilities in case you're interested and include a scan for an immediate answer and estimate, however such an estimate will be only based on the your photos and might not include any charges for additional service or repair /parts required not noted beforehand. You will receive a detailed quote once we have evaluated the watch in question and ask for your authorization to perform work required. 10. Warranty : We warrant our work to be performed by experienced professionals with many years of experience and to be of 
the highest grade achievable. The watchmakers whose services we employ are experienced experts, however a vintage watch is a sensitive mechanical instrument and its accuracy might be affected by the results of rough treatment during shipping. We cannot be responsible for any damages to the watch, crystal, movement etc. or adjustments required that are a result of improper treatment while in transit and therefore recommend shipping insurance. We will make every attempt to achieve the desired result using our templates and tools in stock or customized templates and tools, however we cannot avoid differences and variations and therefore cannot guarantee a completely matching result. 
 11. Liability : We cannot take responsibility for loss or damage while in transit when the shipping insurance option is declined or not paid for in full/advance by the customer. If you change your mind after modifications have been performed and want additional changes/modifications, you will be responsible for additional charges associated with these additional modifications and require 
prior confirmation from us. Any changes wanted after the initial quote /work authorization that require 
additional tools or effort after the work has begun will have to be confirmed by us and might result in additional charges for which the customer alone is responsible. We cannot take responsibility for potential loss of resell value of a watch or dial. In case of a loss of a dial or other part caused by our oversight or shortcoming, we will try to replace this part with a replacement part or customized part as per our discretion. In case a replacement is not possible, we can only be responsible for the part in question. We cannot take responsibility for liquidated damages resulting from the loss of a part. Customs and duties.Please note that the export or shipping of watches and dials to some countries might be a difficult or complex process, require additional time or fees to clear. 
We cannot be responsible for delay in customs, duties or fees charged to clear customs or potential 
loss / damage while in customs. 
Orders, Agreements and Confirmations are valid in writing only. 
Email is considered a valid legal document in spite of the absence of a signature. In case you have any question about these terms and conditions, please inquire prior to your order placement ! These terms and conditions and any dispute or action arising out of the provisioning of products and services are governed by the laws of the country of Germany within which we reside and shall be determined in accordance with such laws 
If any part of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of the agreement shall govern such use. In the event any dispute or controversy arising out of or relating to the results of the performed work, the parties agree to exercise their best efforts to resolve the dispute as soon as possible. I am looking forward to receiving your order and will provide you our best service! Property All products and services remain the property of S-Parts until paid in full by the customer. During this period of time, the customer is required to treat the property of S-Parts adequately and insure it against damage from Fire, Water and Theft on their own expense. Please confirm your order and send me your complete address! 
 Shipping needs as normal 6 - 12 days (depends on the distance and if it is send by ground mail or airmail) so when we get your payment and everything is clear (check/money orders need some days to clear) we will send you your new item ASAP. Please check this information's and give me a short answer. 
 Thank you very much, you are welcome. We hope to hear from you soon. Best regards from Germany Jürgen This FAQ may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient (or have received this in error) please notify the sender immediately and delete this info. Any unauthorised copying, disclosure or distribution of the contents in this Text is strictly forbidden.


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